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Weely Challenge and Assignment (Week of January 23rd)

Hi Carson Ward Family,


"Say I, Wake-up, ye Saints of Zion, while it is called today, lest trouble and sorrow come upon you, as a thief in the night. Suppose it is not coming, will it hurt you to lay up the products of the earth for seven years? Will it hurt you, if you have your home in order? I want the world to know that we are ready for anything that comes along. If it s good, we are ready for that; and if it is evil, we are ready to stand against it." Herber C. Kimball

Brothers and Sisters of Carson Ward, are we ready for what may come our way, are we at least striving to become ready? We have not been asked to store 7 years of food, but we have been counseled to be prepared. Years ago the Church leaders advised the members to have a 2 years supply of food, then 1 year supply of food and now to strive for 3 months supply of food. We are still admonished to have a 1 years supply of food but our General Authorities thought it might seem more feasible to first strive for 3 months supply of food, then add to it until we have a years supply of food. We are also counseled to have water stored and fuel where possible. With the new way I have learned about, on how to figure out how much your family will need, it will become easier to do. See the Weekly Challenge below after the Weekly Assignment. Our 72 Hour Kits are not our food storage, they are for immediate emergencies when we might need to evacuate our homes or are away from our homes (why you should also have them in your car and at work). We need to set a goal with our family, and strive for a 3 months supply of food and water and then work on a years supply of food and emergency items. May we as a Ward be the most prepared Ward in our Stake. "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"!!!

Weekly Assignment:

72 Hour Emergency Family Pack/Bag:

This week add the following:

1) Heat Cell Fuel (They give you 5 hours of heat for cooking, 10 hours of warmth. I found them at for $3.50 each. I have one for each family member.) The reason for this items is you probably have soup and hot chocolate/apple cider in your 72 Hour Emergency Food Kits that will need heating.

2) Flat Fuel Folding Stove (I found these at for $7.95, you may be able to find them at surplus survival stores or camping/sporting stores.)

3) Water Proof Matches (I also found these at for $.85-$3.00. If they are not in your Personal 72 Hour Emergency Kit, then add some here, you may want to have extra in the Family Pack/Bag. You can also purchase them at surplus survival stores and camping/sporting good stores.)

So far you should have the following in your 72 Hour Emergency Family Pack/Bag:

1) duffel bag to put the items in
2) first-aid kit with a First-aid book
3) portable radio with extra batteries (or a solar radio with extra batteries)
4) hand can opener (not electric)
5) extra large waterproof tarp
6) 50 foot nylon rope/cord
7) roll of masking tape
8) heat cell fuel
9) flat fuel folding stove
10) water proof matches

Weekly Challenge:

Last week I asked you to gather a list of your family's favorite breakfast and dinner dishes that you make. This week I want you to purchase some colored 3x5 file cards (you will need two colors, 7-14 of each). You can either plan a weekly menu or a two week menu. If you are only going to plan a weekly menu then you will need 7 cards for breakfast and 7 cards for dinner. If you are going to plan a two week menu then you will need 14 cards for breakfast and 14 cards for dinner (different color than the breakfast ones).

If you plan the weekly menu, your family will eat the same thing each week. If you plan the two week menu, your family will eat different dishes for two weeks. Personal I like the two week menu best, more variety. They may get tired of eating the same thing each week for months.

Place a different breakfast dish on each card, giving you 7 or 14 different breakfast dishes. Place a different dinner dish on each card (different color card), giving you 7 or 14 different dinner dishes. Then put down on each card the ingredients for that dish and the measurements. If you are doing the weekly menu then multiply each ingredient by 52 weeks (number of weeks in a year). If you are doing the two week menu, then multiply by 26 weeks. This will give you the amount of food you need to purchase for a year using the weekly or two week menu. If you want to start with 3 months first then multiply by the number of weeks in 3 months, 12 weeks (remember, some months have an extra week) for the weekly menu and 6 weeks for the two week menu.

Note: You may only be able to come up with 7 breakfast ideas and 14 dinner ideas for a two week menu. That is ok. If you have only 7 breakfast ideas for the two week menu, then remember to multiply the 7 breakfast dishes by 52 weeks and the 14 dinner dishes by 26 weeks. Best to not do more than a two week menu, will involve to many dishes and more items to store.

This week at church I will hand out the table to figure out how much of each ingredient in your receipt you will need to store, mostly for teaspoons, tablespoons, cups and pounds.

Next week I will give you the chart to help you purchase these items, keep track of what you have and what you need to purchase.

Remember: Post your name at the end of each months Weekly Challenge and Assignment for our FREE Monthly Giveaway Drawing to be held on Sunday, January 30th. Good luck to all you enter!

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