Wednesday, July 29, 2015

72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Family Bag

Besides having your family 72 Hour Individual Emergency Preparedness Backpack(s) you should also have a 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Family Bag containing other items you might need. All these items can be kept in a large sports bag or large backpack. You should keep one in your car and/or at home with your 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpacks.

Add the following items to your 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Family Bag:

Large duffel or sports bag

First-aid kit with First-aid book    

Solar and regular radio with extra batters.

Hand can opener (If you have cans that will need opening in your 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack you will need one.)

 Large plastic waterproof tarp to build extra shelter

                                               Dutch tape 

 50 feet of nylon rope or cord 

 Heat cell fuel ($3.50 at  


 Flat fuel folding stove ($7.95 at

                                                                 Water proof matches  

2 Mess Kits for cooking and heating food (about $6 each at You can also purchase them at sporting goods stores and online.)    

Basic chow set (You should have one for each family. Can keep them in your 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack. You can purchase these at sporting goods stores and other camping supply stores.) 


Small tool set wrapped in a towel (Flat head and Philips screw drivers, pliers and hammer)

Old cell phone. It is amazing how this can help you in an emergency. Click here to see how an old cell phone can help in a disaster or emergency situation.

Crow bar. You may need to move a heavy object or help rescue someone under debris.

                                                                         Fold up shovel 

Multi hatchet tool (a hammer, crowbar and hatchet)
Wrap it in a small towel, the blade is very sharp.

Utility knife or Leatherman (12 function Army/Survival knife with scissors)

Wet stone to sharpen blades

Emergency flares in a case for protection


       Small hand mirror for signaling 

Street maps of your local areas in case you need to evacuate by car or foot.

                                                    Small sewing kit 

Good set of Walkie Talkies (In case your family needs to separate or becomes separated, each parent should have one on them.) Watch for sales at sporting goods stores, emergency supply stores and online.

Small bills ($1 and $5) and change in a plastic zip lock bag. You may need to purchase some needed items and the person selling the item will say they cannot make change.

Sun screen. You may be walking or outside a lot. Need to protect your skin from sun burns.

Insect repellant. You may be outside and need protection from insect bites.

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