Thursday, July 30, 2015

Preparedness Test

How prepared are you and your family? 

Answer the questions below 
and work on those areas that need improvement.

Get the whole family involved in your preparation. 

1. Does you family practice fire drills and escape routes from your home?  Yes/No
2. Does each family member know what to do before, during and after an earthquake         
 or any natural disaster?  Yes/No
3. Do you have heavy objects hanging over your beds that could fall on someone during
an earthquake?   Yes/No
4. Are bookcases and heavy furniture, like televisions, secured to avoid injuries? Yes/No
5. Do you keep an under bed earthquake kit under the bed for each house hold
member?   Yes/No
6. Do you have an operational flashlight with extra batteries in each bedroom?  Yes/No 
7. If your water line ruptured during an earthquake do you know how to turn off
the main water valve and where it is located? Do all family members know?  Yes/No
8. If you smell gas after an earthquake do you how to turn off the main gas
shut-off valve and where it is located? Do all family members know?   Yes/No
9. Do you have the correct tool taped or strapped to the mail gas line so you can
shut-off the valve?  Yes/No
10. Do you know how to safely turn back on the gas at the furnace and hot water
heater (light the pilots) once it is available?   Yes/No
11. Do you know not to turn on the lights or light a candle if you smell gas?   Yes/No
12. Do you have a working smoke alarms in the proper places to warn of fire?   Yes/No 
13. In case of a minor fire, do you have a working fire extinguisher that you know
how to use?   Yes/No
14. Do you have important documents together in a secure place and easy to
access?   Yes/No
15. Do  you have a functional emergency radio to receive emergency information,
with extra batteries?   Yes/No
16. Does your family have a plan if you need to evacuate immediately and where to
meet if all are not at home?  Yes/No
17. Do you have an out of state contact person all family members know and keep
on them?   Yes/No
18. Do you have family members with special needs and will need special
help during and after a disaster?   Yes/No
19. Do you have a "shelter in place" plan if you had to stay in your home due to a
pandemic or chemical spill?  Yes/No

If an emergency lasted for 72 hours (3 days) before help was available to you and your family 

20. Would you have sufficient food?  Yes/No
21. Would you have sufficient water for drinking, cooking and bathing?  Yes/No
22. Would you have a way to cook without gas or electricity?  Yes/No
23. Would you have a way to have light without electricity?  Yes/No
24. Does each family member have a 72 Hour Individual Emergency Backpack?   Yes/No
25. Do you have a first-aid kit in your home and in each car?    Yes/No
26. Do you have a family emergency medical kit?   Yes/No
27. Do you have emergency cash on hand, small bills (Ones and Fives) and change?   Yes/No 
28. Do you have work gloves and tools for rescues and clean up?   Yes/No
29. Without electricity or gas would you have a way to heat your house?   Yes/No
30. If you take prescription medications or other over the counter medications do yo have
a month's supply?   Yes/No
31. Do you have a sanitation plan if you cannot use your conventional toilet?   Yes/No
32. Do you have food storage, water storage, clothing and fuel were appropriate:
            1 month     3 months       6 months    1 year?    Yes/No

 Make a plan and post it on your refrigerator or bulletin board 
to make sure you stay on track for your goals. 

This blog and others will help you be prepared. Click on the posting subjects on the right under "Postings" and stroll through the week posting for more help and ideas.                                              

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