Thursday, July 30, 2015

Under the Bed Earthquake Kit

Each family member should have one attached to the bed head post of their bed

You will need the following: 

1) One extra large plastic zip lock bag to place the items in.
2) Sturdy rope/cord to tie the bag to the bed head post.

Place these items in the bag:

1) Sturdy shoes with a park of socks (If you have children check this often as change as they grow)
2) Small flashlight (LED type, non-batteries)
3) Whistle (The rescuers will here the whistle better than your voice, which may die out.)
4) Bottle of water.
5) Extra pair of prescription eye glasses in case you cannot find yours. (In an earthquake they can fly off the side lamp table.)
6) Crowbar (Only need one in one of the bags if more than one person sleeping in the room. Helps to open the door if it is jammed and break the window glass if you need escape by the window.

Note: If you have a medical condition like diabetes you may want to include a couple of granola bars or sugar packets in the bad just in case you are trapped for awhile. 

Instructions: Place all the items above in the extra large plastic zip lock bag, punch a small hole in the top corner of the bag, run the rope or cord through the hole and tie it to the bed head post and tuck just under the bed. This helps the bag from moving around in the earthquake making it easy to locate.

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