Thursday, July 30, 2015


"Shelter-In-Place" means to take immediate shelter where you are, at home, at work, at school or wherever you are. It may also mean to "seal the room". Taking steps to keep outside air from coming into where you are. Local authorities may instruct you to shelter-in-place due to a chemical spill, an explosion that brings about a chemical cloud or radiological contaminants into the environment. It is important to listed to the radio and the television to see if you need to remain inside or take additional steps to seal a room within your house.

What supplies will you need to keep on hand if this happens:

1) Extra large heavy black plastic (like the 55 gallon trash bags or a roll of plastic). You need the heavy black plastic to block out light from those outside so they do not think you are home to possible protect  your family. You will also need to seal the door, do not forget the bottom.
2) Duck tape to tape the plastic to all the windows in the room you are shelter in.
3) If it is cold and for some reason you have no heat or advised to not use your gas you can line the room with your bed mattresses. It is amazing how this will keep the room warm.
4) You should have a "shelter-in-place" kit that can easily be accessed quickly. It should contain bottled water, snacks, food (granola bars, peanut butter, Ritz crackers, trail mix, etc.) just in case you need to stay there for awhile. It should also contain some card and board games to entertain the family, scriptures and favorite reading books.
5) Flashlight with extra batteries, and maybe an LED lantern, in case you loose electricity.
6) A radio to get updated news. If you are in a room with the TV then you can watch the news.
7) Do not forget your pets and their needs. Have small kit put together for them.

What to do:

1) Plan ahead of time which room you will shelter-in-place in, one with the least amount of windows and doors. The master bedroom with an adjacent bathroom would be idea.
2) Gather the family together quickly. 
3) Cover all window and doors with the heavy black plastic and seal with the duck tape.
4) Listen to the radio or TV for further instructions. If you do not have a phone in the room you are sheltering in, take your cell phone with you and the charger.
5) Pull out your "Shelter-in-Place" kit and keep everyone calm and ingaged in activities, especially the children, to keep their minds off what is happening.
6) Bring your pets in from outside. 
7) Listen for the all clear sound or announcements on the radio or TV.
8) DO NOT leave the room until you know it is safe.


The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention has some other great advise. Click here to read more about this subject to help you plan. Everyone should have this plan in place in their home, at work, at their children's schools and elsewhere. If you have family members in a nursing home or assisted living facility make sure they have a plan in place for this type of event.

There are other websites and local governments that may have more information on this subject.

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